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Creating a work and management culture that is attractive for the talents is a must have requirement of every company for surviving in today's war for talent.

ASAP IT Support

Freelance Experts for short term for bridging the time of recruiting or for a defined timeline - our specialized experts step in immediately on short notice. They support your daily work & projects and solve your resource limitations as well as resource challenges.

Hasslefree Recruiting

Based on one of the largest global IT data pools DEV DNA identifies relevant candidates. Our DEV community includes all levels of expertise from all over the world. Matching results you never expected and seen before.

Talent & People Management

Your special IT projects and development work need the right and motivated specialists! ´CARE´ for your IT employees in the best way - means understanding their special needs and requirements  - a question of mindset, processes and skills.


Grow in-house expertise with latest technology tooling using best trainings method to raise the level of experiences by pushing the limits of your IT Organization immediately. Together with our practical Senior DEV´s you will make a deep dive on practical challenges that we solve with the latest technology approaches during compact sessions.

Why We Should Work Together

Over the last decade IT developed into an information highway for every single company on this planet. IT systems and IT specialists are the backbone of our cooperation and vital for the success of every company or running project.

Freelancers & IT Recruiting

Talent & People Management.

Employee Experience

Leadership trainings

IT Project management

What our clients think about us?

We had an incredible experience working with Landify and were impressed they made such a big difference in only three weeks. Our team is so grateful for the wonderful improvements they made and their ability to get familiar with the product concept so quickly. It acted as a catalyst to take our design to the next level and get more eyes on our product.

Jenny Wilson

Jenny Wilson

Vice President

Our mission is enable positive self transformation through access to knowledge management and meta-learning

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