As Developers, IT enthusists, & Taskforce

IT professionals and enthusiasts are the heart and information highway and backbone of every digital company

Your personal well being, your personal growth and career development is our aim.” We care for your satisfaction in life and support all aspects of you, as a person and as a professional

We “CARE” for you

We care … for YOU as partners! Raising your level of experience and technologies is important for us. DEV-DNA is an overall concept especially for you as an IT Enthusiast that covers and integrates all qualification, career and training aspects that you will need. We believe in shared experiences and know how that will give orientation and practical help for your career and personal development.

Projects for Freelancers & full time Jobs

DEV DNA is your trusted partner for finding your next project assignment as a freelancer or a job that fits to your skills, level and work culture. Understanding YOU, your individual skill set as well as your interests, your next career wishes and the working environment you fit best - is easy for us as we are senior Developers by our own and familiar with the market and all technical aspects.

Career development

Present your skills and experiences in the best way possible. People Departements, Recruiters and Hiring Managers in different countries have different mentalities on how to read CV´s. Preparing all this information in a way that marketing yourself best is our support for you in Germany.


Based on your profile we match the latest market trend reviews and offer you the trainings and qualifications that pushes your qualifications towards the market needs of tomorrow, raising the level of your career and income chances. Additional our Management Experts prepare and support your next career step getting into the shoes of leading your first team or upscaling you to a Management position.

Why We Should Work Together

Offering you fitting project positions. /n Matching your expertise with open Job Opportunities, developing your expertise, seniority and management competencies even further - is our aim!

Placing: Finding the job and projects you love is key

training: Raise your level of experiences and technologies is important for us

Supporting: Providing Services & 1:1 sessions for your development is a priority

qualifying: developing your soft-skills for the next career level counts for us

we’re spread around the world to get best remote job for you.

What our clients think about us?

We had an incredible experience working with Landify and were impressed they made such a big difference in only three weeks. Our team is so grateful for the wonderful improvements they made and their ability to get familiar with the product concept so quickly. It acted as a catalyst to take our design to the next level and get more eyes on our product.

Jenny Wilson

Jenny Wilson

Vice President

Our mission is enable positive self transformation through access to knowledge management and meta-learning

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